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HB Toastmasters sponsored by Horning Brothers

Glossophobia is a fear of public speaking and about 75% of people have this fear. For most people this fear is left unchallenged but at Horning Brothers we empower our employees and provide an avenue to conquer such fear. In May of 2017, the HB Toastmasters sponsored by Horning Brothers was established as a benefit for Horning Brothers’ employees. The HB Toastmasters club’s mission is aligned with Toastmasters International – which is to provide a supportive learning experience that provides opportunities for members to develop oral communication and leadership skills that build confidence and personal and professional growth.

HB Toastmasters Club meets every fourth Wednesday of the month for an hour and half. Each member plays different roles in the meeting such as Toastmaster for the Day (host), provide the Word/Tip of the day, prepared speaker, evaluator, Grammarian Counter and Timer. Horning Brothers team members also serve as officers to plan out each meeting and motivate members. Toastmasters International also provides the club a Mentor and additional resources to help members reach their goals of becoming a great communicator and leader. Trudy Clark, our Division Director is HB’s mentor. She provides tremendous, support, guidance and resources to the club and its officers. Aside from the support internally, the club also has guest speakers that presents topics in the area of public speaking such as how to provide meaningful evaluation or how to prepare for speech.

Since HB Toastmasters inception, we have witnessed the growth amongst the employees. Initially, many employees were hesitant to volunteer to do their speech or sign-up for different roles. Now, more and more employees volunteer to give their speeches and the group has a strong camaraderie. The Club has provided a platform for team building and getting to know the participants on a deeper level while providing support and encouragement to each other to conquer glossophobia. Employees are more confident with their presentation at work during their meetings. Employees are better able to express themselves in a cohesive manner. Each meeting the employees are becoming better leaders as a result of being part of the HB Toastmasters and their commitment to hard work and self-improvement and growth.