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ManagInc Partnership

Horning Brothers partnering with ManagInc

CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility has quickly become critical to all or organizations no matter how big or small. What is Corporate Social Responsibility? It is not easily defined, but essentially it is a self-regulatory system whereby a business monitors and ensures its active compliance with the spirit of law, ethical standards, and national or international norms. As a company, Horning Brothers takes CSR very seriously. For that reason, we decided to partner with ManagInc.

 ManagInc is company that will serve a resource for us to evaluate our current performance and programs from the perspective of our residents, employees, vendors, and the communities we conduct business in. Each of those groups are surveyed and asked to provide feedback about their perception of Horning Brothers as well as our programs, procedures, policies, etc. ManagInc then uses their Everyone Can Win platform to evaluate this information, benchmark it, and identify successes as well opportunities for improvement. Our Team will use their feedback to develop action plans to continue to improve. This process is on-going. We continue to survey annually and continue to measure, benchmark, and develop action plans to enhance our company’s performance and reputation.

ManagInc conducted our first perception studies earlier this year and they are currently evaluating the data and benchmarking it to provide us with feedback, so that we can begin developing our action plan. Horning Brothers has had tremendous success and longevity in the Washington DC area over the past 60 years because we genuinely care about our associates, customers and our communities. Our focus on social responsibility will help ensure the company continues to create favorable living experiences, a positive work environment, and is a responsible member of society.