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In our efforts to improve our best practices with regards to our property and unit inspections, we searched for mobile inspection app that would complement the mobile work order app.  After multiple reviews of the different companies, Leonardo247 became the front runner as their software provides numerous automated operations and improved accountability in addition to the mobile inspection.  This new software will help us streamline operations as well as support our goals and teams all while almost eliminating all paper reporting.

Leonardo247’s systems will help us add industry best practices to help expand our Standards of Performance and offers form-building so we can match to each task so that our inspections, spreadsheets and logs will be uniform throughout our portfolio.  Built-in workflows are also set up so the right people are monitoring the task progress.  The software also assists us in updating any new requirements as the Federal, State and County codes change.

The Leonardo247 dashboard will provide an automated task record to improve individual and team accountability.  Everyone has access to a dashboard that provides reminders for our daily, weekly, monthly, semi-annual and annual tasks to complete.  REAC inspection checklists are also available to assist teams in their preparation for these important property inspections.

Our Team Leaders will have a better tool to monitor and manage the completion of required tasks and as a company we will know that each task is consistent across the portfolio.  Leonard247 isn’t just for the property teams, as our corporate teams will have a tool to better monitor expirations on vendor COI’s, various licenses and inspections as contracts.  Automated reminders of these important expirations will improve our renewal and bid process.

The Leonardo247 dashboards will provide all of us with the ability to monitor progress and react in a proactive manner and better scheduling of tasks in advance.

This Fall we will be working with Leonardo247 on uploading all our existing reports and SOP’s and testing the inspection workflows.  During this set up process we will also start adding in all our expiration data points and their individual workflows.  We will then roll out to the teams after completion and monitor everyone’s engagement in our newest tool to streamline our inspection process and much more!


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